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Concanavalin is a tetrameric globulin that is extracted from plants. Concanavalin has a high antiviral effect. It can also be used to treat some influenza bacterial diseases. It can also inhibit cancer.Cells and immune regulation can also activate cells.

ConA has a broad-spectrum antiviral effect and also has a therapeutic effect on bacterial diseases.

It is a mitogen-mitogen (mito-gen), which mainly stimulates T lymphocytes, aggregates red blood cells and animal sperm, inhibits tumor cell movement, and prolongs the survival time of heterologous transplantation.

The use of concanavalin ConA has a strong role in promoting mitosis, a better role in promoting lymphocyte transformation, and can selectively activate suppressor T cells (Ts) cells, which is important for regulating the body’s immune response.

Therefore, by using Con A to activate the diseased Ts cells, it can obviously treat some immunodeficiency diseases and other severe diseases caused by mixed infection of bacteria and viruses.

ConA is a tetrameric globulin with a molecular weight of 102,000.

Each subunit contains 237 amino acid residues, with a molecular weight of 25,500. It combines one Ca2 + and one Mn2 + and contains one sugar-binding site.

Can specifically bind to α-mannose and α-glucose (on cell membrane glycoprotein). The binding site must be C-3 in the six-membered ring of α-D-pyranomannose or α-DC-4 and C-6 cations replace the hydroxyl group.

It has the greatest affinity for mannodiose and mannantriose linked by α-1,2 glycosidic bonds.

The source is extracted from legumes using ultra-low temperature freezing technology.

Due to its toughness to extract defects and high cost, this technology is generally used in high-end products abroad.

Poultry-specific effects and uses Concanavalin has a broad-spectrum antiviral effect and also has a therapeutic effect on bacterial diseases. It is mainly used to prevent Newcastle disease, bursal, gosling plague, duck viral hepatitis, four seasons cold, and branching., Pass throat, typhoid fever, duck infectious serositis, yolk peritonitis, infectious rhinitis, viral respiratory tract and other diseases.

Appropriate and dose injection: chicken, duck, goose are replaced with saline or astragalus dual injection. It can be used for 2000 birds, 1,000 birds, doubled in severe cases, for 2 days?
3 days.

Mixed Drink: Reduce the degradation of drinking water once a day for 2 days?
At 3 days, the dose was doubled.

The role and use of animal husbandry Tianxingjian Bioconcanavalin is used in clinical sheep’s pet ruminants, sheep pox, swine infectious disease inflammation, blue ear disease, circovirus disease, mild swine fever; swine influenzaAnd syndrome, parvovirus disease, rotavirus disease, blister disease and asthma, postpartum infection, mastitis, etc., reduce appetite, and have a unique therapeutic effect on depression.

Appropriate and dose injection: intramuscular pigs are replaced with 5 ml of physiological saline or astragalus polysaccharide injection, sheep’s pet ruminant disease, sheep pox, inflammation of pig infectious diseases, blue ear disease, circovirus disease, mild swine fever; pigInfluenza and syndromes, parvovirus, rotavirus disease, vesicular disease and asthma, postpartum infection, mastitis, etc. 200 kg body weight intramuscular injection 0 per kg body weight.

01 ml?

02 ml once daily for 2 days?
3 days.

Severe doubling.