Care of the spleen and stomach must be taken care of in the treatment of critical illness

The theory of Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow, and the source of qi and blood biochemistry plays a vital role in human life activities.

In the process of clinical rescue of critically ill patients, we found that most of the critically ill patients have clinical manifestations of spleen and stomach dysfunction, which caused worries about the spleen and stomach during the rescue process, and restored the spleen and stomach function as soon as possible is a key bonus to improve the success rate of rescue and improve prognosis.

  First, the impact of common clinical diseases on the spleen and stomach. The spleen and stomach live in Zhongzhou to irrigate all around. It is the foundation of the day after tomorrow. The source of qi and blood biochemistry has a strong relationship with human life activities. Therefore, there are more opportunities for causing spleen and stomach disease., Are easy to cause spleen and stomach disease.

In the case of eating disorders, overwork, internal injuries of Qiqing, or external attack of Liuxue, or mistreatment of injuries, damage to the functions of spleen and stomach elevation, transport, acceptance, etc., will cause the balance of yin and yang, qi and blood, and cause diseases.
Internal injuries are prone to lead to spleen and stomach disease. Needless to say, the evils of external sensation can also cause spleen and stomach disease, and often the disease is aggravated by spreading the spleen and stomach. This is a major feature of the etiology and pathogenesis in the spleen and stomach theory.

Such as “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” and “Distinguishment of Warm Diseases” in the two monographs on external diseases, there is a large proportion of spleen and stomach disease.

At the same time, liver, kidney, heart, and lung can also affect the spleen and stomach and cause diseases.

Among them, the liver is the most likely to affect the spleen and stomach, and some are called “muchengtu” cards, which should also be noted when diagnosing and treating spleen and stomach disease.

  Second, the effect and significance of conditioning the spleen and stomach on the treatment of critically ill patients “there is no need to move up and down, and there is nothing to do”.

Therefore, ascending and descending is the key to clinical critical illness.

The symptoms of the disease are caused by the deficiency of the spleen and stomach in the middle coke, insufficient health qi, inadequate qi, and imbalance of battalion. As a result, external evils take advantage of internal invasion, stay on the surface, and enter and exit disorders are exogenous diseases.

It is completely “when the evil is overwhelmed, the first person who commits the lungs, and then passes the pericardium”.

Symptoms from the inside are those who are full of evil poison, trapped in the middle, or lose their emotions, are injured by diet, accidental poisoning, etc., and cause spleen and stomach injuries.

Those who increase more and decrease less, have visceral and visceral functions with excessive hyperactivity, qi, blood, yin and yang rebellion, and clinical manifestations of upper and lower dysfunction.Blood vessels are obstructed, or the Qi machine is closed and the disease sees the crisis, stroke, thinning, death, and other crises, and eventually the Qi is released and dies; those who fall more and rise less, the viscera function is weakened, and the trifocal water channel is blocked,Qi and blood yin and yang are disordered, so the clinical manifestations are mostly viscera, deficiency of qi and blood, and even the failure of the five internal organs, endangering the loss of stomach qi, failing to enter the valley of water, or losing qi, and dying of yin and jin.

Therefore, the critical symptoms seen in the clinical card are related to the stomach and must be treated with the stomach. Those who do not care about the stomach must not forget the fundamental principle of stomach gas at all times.

After the natural resources were born, the gas mediation was restored, and the ills began to turn around.

  Third, the application of Gu Hu spleen and stomach method in the treatment of critically ill patients Gu Hu spleen and stomach has great significance in the treatment of critically ill patients.The experience in the process of retransplantation injury, sepsis, and liver injury is described as follows: ★ The technique of intravenous infusion reperfusion for myocardial reperfusion injury has gradually matured, which has made great progress in the treatment of coronary heart disease and the occurrence of clinical reperfusion syndrome.The rate has also increased, which has reduced the quality of life of patients, or even endangered their lives.

Myocardial reimplantation damage can be classified as “chest palsy” and “palpitations” in TCM.

Long-period myocardial hypoxia directly leads to myocardial insufficiency and there are varying degrees of qi deficiency.

During the contraction period, the local myocardial blood flow was not smooth, and the blood could not flow normally. After reperfusion, due to deficiency of heart qi, weakness in blood transport, blood stasis was eventually caused.

Therefore, the main cause of this disease is lack of heart qi and poor qi, which is the evidence of the deficiency of reality, and the deficiency of qi and blood is one of the basic pathological changes of reperfusion of myocardial infarction.

The disease lies in the chest and back.

The chest is the outline of the heart and lungs. The two internal organs control the operation of blood gas. If the heart and lungs are weak, the blood does not run smoothly.

The heart is the mother of the spleen.

The spleen is mainly transported, the spleen and stomach are debilitated, and the transport is dereliction of duty, which does not nourish the heart and yang, and is a “child disease and mother”.

The lung is the son of the spleen, and the spleen and stomach are weak.

The deficiency of yang in the heart and lungs is caused by the weakening of the spleen and stomach first. In the treatment, attention should be paid to the spleen and stomach, build the qi, and astragalus.

Older kidney failure, insufficient kidney yin, can not nourish the five internal organs, can cause heart yin internal friction.

The heart yin is deficient, the heart yang is weak, and the qi and blood run alternately.

Schisandra is often added to the treatment to enter the lungs, kidneys, and the heart’s three meridians, which can nourish the kidney and calm the nerves.

  ★ Sepsis Sepsis is a serious infection, severe trauma (burn), and a common complication after surgery, which can lead to septic shock and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, thus becoming an important cause of death in critically ill

At present, the traditional Chinese medicine interventions for sepsis are mostly based on typhoid fever and febrile disease, with the six classics of syndrome differentiation and Weiqiying blood syndrome differentiation as the basic syndrome differentiation system.

The emergency center of our hospital observed a large number of clinical patients and found that many patients with sepsis have different degrees of spleen and stomach weakness.

According to the theory of “The Nei Jing”, “the person with stomach qi is born, the person without stomach qi is dead”.Tongtong and stomach prescriptions can often achieve good results.

The gradual and clear acceleration path is the “strategic source” for stimulating fatal reactions. It was once called the “engine of multiple organ failure”, which is consistent with the view of traditional Chinese medicine aimed at regulating the functions of the spleen, stomach and stomach.

The clinical manifestations of severe sepsis are mixed with reality, and the syndrome is changeable.

In clinical practice, supplements should be used together, and syndrome differentiation should be applied. Common ginseng, astragalus, schisandra and the like are used to nourish qi and strengthen the spleen.

The dosage of the tonic should be light.In other words, the desire is not reached quickly, and the weakness is even worse.

Supplemented with Magnolia, Amomum villosum, Cardamom to pass through the stomach and stomach, supplemented with bitter cold and fire-relieving products such as Sophora flavescens, Gongying, Forsythia, Yinchen, etc., contrary to Yangyang fire, detoxification and turbidity, to help stomach gasHair, combined with various medicines, so that righteousness does not conquer evil spirits, which can achieve the benefits of Qi and righteousness.

  ★ Liver damage The liver is a multifunctional organ. Many factors can cause liver damage and its pathological changes are extremely complicated. It is more difficult to treat in the clinic.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the causes of liver injury are mostly evil feelings or excessive drinking, emotional disorders, or chronic illness.

The pathological changes are mainly caused by damp-heat and evil toxic spleen, liver and gallbladder loss, spleen and stomach insufficiency, qi stagnation and blood stasis, pulse dysfunction, and liver and kidney deficiency.

Jin Lianyou Yun’s husband treats those who are not sick, sees the disease of the liver, knows that the liver spreads the spleen, and the spleen should be solidified first.

“It explains the nature of liver disease for stomach treatment.

Liver diseases treat the stomach. There are mainly differences between lowering Yangming to treat Muheng and Yiweiyin to suppress liver strength.

Select the prescription for the drug, taking the lack of “the liver disease, supplement the acid, help with bitterness, and benefit from the sweet taste of the drug” as the guiding principle.

I realized in the clinical evidence that the pathogenesis of this disease is complicated and it is difficult to take effect one by one. It is necessary to adhere to the pathogenesis, to restore the physiological characteristics of the liver in treatment, and to reverse the pathological changes of the liver in order to detoxify, diarrhea, and stasis.Sanjie, solid elements and multiple methods can be effective.

According to different clinical symptoms, self-made Ningluo Huyangyangwei Mixture, Baogan Yiwei Mixture, Jiedu Anti-inflammatory Mixture, and Huwei Guyuan Mixture were applied separately and obtained good results.

  Essentially, in the course of clinical treatment of critically ill patients, whether the spleen and stomach function is good is often the key to determining disease outcome and prognosis.

Therefore, in the process of rescuing critically ill patients, we should not forget to take care of the day after tomorrow. It can often do more with less, improve the success rate of patients and improve the prognosis of patients.