Running fitness focus needs to concentrate

Running should maintain a smooth breathing rate, and conversations can disrupt the breathing rhythm and affect the fitness effect.

In addition, personality will divert attention and may even cause sports injuries.

  There have been many examples of injuries caused by falling on a treadmill, all of which are caused by inconspicuous attention.

It is running at all. Any aerobic exercise requires the bodybuilder to ensure the breathing rate and concentrate.

  Anaerobic exercise is achieved by overloading the muscles to achieve fitness goals.

Fitness workers must focus on the target muscles and experience the feeling of muscle contraction and congestion to achieve better fitness.

  Some people may ask, strength training is intermittent, you can always chat when you are resting?

The answer is equally certain.

Each group of training consumes a lot of physical strength. You need to use a short rest time to restore your physical strength and invest in the next set of training. Gradually, chatting often lengthens the rest time, causing muscle excitability to decrease, temperature to drop, and training effects.Great discount.

  But this is not to say that at the beginning of fitness, you have to sew your mouth, and the words are like gold.

I met acquaintances and greeted each other; I saw a friend’s exercise and sent an encouragement; the training gap exchanged my experience. It was all right.

The only thing to note is that your current task is to exercise instead of attending a cocktail party.