Teach you two simple massages

Chinese massage has the ability to restore physical strength, reduce fatigue, enhance human blood circulation, improve people’s ability to resist disease, regulate internal organs, reduce weight, prevent disease and cure diseases, and prolong life.

It can make the surface of the human body expand blood vessels, increase the nutrition of the human skin, improve the skin’s breathing, and help the secretion of sweat glands and sebum secretion on the skin surface, and achieve the purpose of beauty.

  The ear massage therapy method Qing Qing medical scientist Wang Qingren said: “The two ears pass through the brain, and the sound is heard in the brain.

“I think the ear and the brain are directly connected.

Therefore, the massage of the ear can make the mind clear, enhance the memory, strengthen the hearing, and eliminate the fatigue.

It is a method of brainstorming that is widely spread among civilians.

The practice is to press the palm of your hand against the ear hole, put your finger on the back of the brain, gently slap the back pillow 10-20 times with the middle three fingers, press the finger on the back pillow, and lift the two palms of the ear hole suddenly.Open and close 10-20 times in a row. Finally, insert the index finger or middle finger of both hands into the ear hole. After a few rotations, suddenly pull out and do 3-5 times.

Then massage the 翳明, 翳风穴, 翳风穴 in the depression between the earlobe and the high bone behind the ear, the 翳明穴 is about one inch behind the brain at the hurricane point.

The two-hole massage method is the same.

Press the middle finger on the acupuncture point, first rotate the massage 10 times in the forward direction, then rotate the massage 10 times in the opposite direction, first massage the acupuncture points instead.

  Finally, do the rubbing action.

Put the palm of your hand in front of the ear, flatly apply it on your face, push it evenly back, wipe it over the ear, then push the ear strap back and forth from behind the ear, and repeat it 10-20 times to appear in both ears.The heat is good.

  Nasal massage The massage of the nose is mainly through dredging the meridians.

Improve the function of the respiratory system, promote blood circulation, to achieve smooth nasal passages, enhance facial features, and clear the mind.

  The nose is not only an important respiratory organ, but also communicates with the mouth, eyes, and ears. Therefore, the ancients believed that only the nasal passages were unblocked, and the “seven sputums” could be further achieved.

  First, do a smooth nose and nose training.

Take a deep breath, then use your thumb and forefinger to pinch the nasal cavity, and gradually stretch out the gas. At this time, you will feel that the breath that cannot be exhaled is pressed against both ears and eyes. After the gas reaches the inner ear, it suddenly opens.Fingers, after two or three times of normal breathing, do the next time, do a total of three times.

Then do the opposite breathing training, first call out the residual gas in the body, then pinch the nasal cavity with your fingers, do not breathe, then suddenly release the finger, take a deep breath, and repeat it three times.

When doing the above training, you must pay attention to two points: First, do not overdo it, and get red and red; second, in the middle of the interval between the two, do three normal breaths twice to prevent hypoxia in the body.

  Then, press the acupuncture points on your nose.

The first is the Yingxiang point, which is about 0 on the outer edge of the nose.

5 inches, in the nasolabial fold.

You can use two hands or index fingers to refer to the intestines 20-30 times.

Nasal nasal passage, located at the upper end of the nasolabial fold at the end of the ridge and hard bone junction.

Use the middle finger to press 15-20 times.