Rice and beans make you eat more and more thin

There was a female friend who came to do nutrition consultation because of overweight. She thought that rice would make people fat, so they almost didn’t dare to eat rice, or just eat a few mouthfuls a day.

The latest nutrition research pointed out that it is difficult to maintain the weight loss effect of eating staple foods for a long time, and because of lack of obesity, it is easy to cause insufficient energy in the nervous system, and there are adverse reactions such as memory loss, insomnia, and hypoglycemia.

  How can I eat rice to maintain nutrition and maintain my body?

In order to reduce calorie intake, you can add oatmeal, barley and other foods that replace soluble fiber in rice.

Soluble dietary fiber has a strong ability to absorb water and absorb water to form sol and gel, which delays the emptying speed of the chyme in the stomach.

  In addition, you can also add kelp, fungus, seaweed, konjac and other rich in colloidal food.

The gums in plants have the effect of inhibiting micro-absorption, nutrients and lubricating intermediates, helping defecation.

Mixing a small amount of dietary fiber black rice, coarse rice, bamboo shoots, bracken, etc. with rice can not only delay the digestion rate, but also improve the feeling of fullness.

The rice and red beans (red bean blog, red bean news, red beans), soybeans and other colored beans in a ratio of 1:1 to complete the bean rice, fully play the complementary role of protein, but also significantly improve satiety.

Therefore, the weight of the same bowl of rice is reduced by the addition of different materials, thereby reducing the absorption of transmission.

  Feeding rice has complications on the body and skin, which can prevent constipation, skin ulcers, hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. However, due to weaker metabolic function and patients with digestive tract diseases, the control fiber intake should be controlled.