[Homemade Dried Scallop Pillar]_How to do_How to do

Scallops are a common thing in daily life. When many people buy scallops, sometimes they like to buy some fresh scallops, but more often they buy some dried scallop pillars.

Mainly this kind of thing is easy to handle, and more things are made, and the taste is not so great.

Yes, the practice of dried scallops is to give full play to its flavor by holding the ball.

So in addition to this practice, there are some common practices for dried scallop mussels?

Some scallops, two or three spoons of thin salt soy sauce, some methods of wasamy1, take out Japanese raw food-grade scallops and thaw them in a pot, and rinse with filtered water.

(The so-called restaurants are always flushed with tap water, but I can think of it), and rinse the frozen part gently.

Rinse until slightly soft.

Just fine.

2. Take one night and add[thin salt soy sauce], add wasamy (please buy real wasamy), and you can eat it as sashimi.

Scallops, 12 scallops, garlic, moderate chili, a small root onion, drain, salt, and oil.

Preparation: Take a big 6?
7 pieces (can be increased or decreased according to personal taste). First, use a knife noodle to smash, peel and chop into fines (choose to be thinner as much as possible).

The scallops are cleaned and ready for use, and a small amount of salt is dissolved in clear water (the salinity is determined according to their own taste) 2.

Preheat the oven at 220 ° C for 10 minutes.


This way of eating is even lower than the conversion of ordinary food methods. Can MMs eat with confidence?

When I bought this scallop, I asked the aunt to help me. By the way, I processed the intestinal mud inside (just wash it when making it) ~~ Lazy people can be like me!

(* ^ __ ^ *) Hee hee . 5.

Is the scallop already sweet?
So there is no need to add any MSG when making it?
Lest it be counterproductive?
And don’t add too much salt.

In order to avoid freshness ~~ Tofu steamed scallop materials Fresh scallops, garlic, tofu, salad oil, salt, chicken essence, cooking wine, shallots, red pepper grains Practice 1. First, clean the surface of the scallop with a brush, and wash away impurities such as mud and sand.

2. Use a sharp-edged sharp knife to reach into the shell of the scallop, and cut the scallop meat on both sides close to the shell wall on one side.

3, remove the internal organs of the scallop, that is, the dark mass, as well as the gills and surrounding edges, leaving only the circular meat in the middle, and the crescent-shaped yellow.

4. Marinate the collected shell meat with cooking wine and a small amount of salt for 5 minutes.

5. Cut garlic into pieces.

Put oil in the pan, add garlic to the oil when it is hot to 20%, fry the garlic to yellow with a low heat, and simmer with the oil, add salt and chicken essence and mix well.

6. Place empty scallop shells on a flat plate, place tofu on each scallop shell, then place the marinated scallop meat on top, and then spread the adjusted garlic and garlic on the scallop meat evenly.on.

7. After the water in the steamer is boiled, put the scallops in and steam them out for 5-6 minutes under high heat.

8. Finally, put the chives and red pepper on the scallop.