So first I find a director Lin.

  The results Lin director said he never thought the play let Tang Tang Ji infants.
  Producer silly, “Why we are assured that there Yaxing you want to change Tang Siu-tong?”
  who knows.
  I’m not sure why director Yan Yan Tang Tang assured he wants to use to replace her.
  Well, it appears that holding Tang Tong thing is a fake, but it is true change Yan Yan, producer insistent forest director, “I heard them say that you and Yan Yan had a little altercation, in the end is not event, a little girl that you care about them and why, and you know I have always been cooperative Yaxing南宁夜网 President Chen, you come to such a good and I do not his account.Yaxing now and we want to litigate, it is not a small amount of compensation down, you eye, close one eye, also two or three months, and so played out of sight out of mind.”
  ”Two or three months?”
  Director Lin sneer, “There Yan Yan in a year are shot finish.”
  ”This is where I can do,” producer laughed, “Yan Yan is a good notoriously play, fast, or else I would not have had a direct point she is right.”
  Speaking of this, I’m the director more to gas.
  Lin did not want the director and producer of the dispute, the vice director of the direct phone to send something over.
  Tell, in addition to Yan Yan seen acting, nobody believed Yan Yan acting is poor, since it can not tell, then let the producer directly to see.
  Producer director also when the forest was finally moved, he said, the results did not come for a while, deputy director holding a notebook, fiddle for a while, opening a video to him.
  ”look by youself.”
  Producer director Lin looked at, his eyes fell on the notebook.
  This is a time of filming Tang Siu-tong long shot.
  Producers do not understand why give him a shot Tang Tang, Tang Siu-tong but not makeup is not changing, but the point since it has been opened, then it out.
  But watching it found something wrong.
  Tang Tang speech, not Ji infants story?
  If nothing else, played really good.
  On a few minutes, the producer found himself completely ignores the Tang Siu-tong of modern equipment, immersion into the story in.
  But I watched, did not, it is a lens Yan Yan.

  This money can solve the world’s troubles on ninety percent.

  Xiaoxiao uncle a very welcome arrival of ginger jasmine, they are also more than once private person feeling her beauty good heart, this is not yesterday, ginger jasmine with Xiaoxiao said today to see her aunt, today entered the room, this one people prepared some honoraria.
  ”I know my grandmother to come to you today, specially made some special dish,” Xiaoxiao also a little embarrassed, “The elderly can not think of another way to thank you, got up at four o’clock this morning jolly.”
  Xiaoxiao grandmother is very intimate, but also specifically to buy a new insulation boxes, yam corn pork ribs soup, braised pork as well as spicy ginger chicken legs stuffed with tofu.
  Ginger jasmine years actually helped a lot of people, she lost count, some contribute some money, these people can be divided into three categories: I think I’m poor and weak to help others is a matter of course, very mouth grateful but do not want something in return, the heart of gratitude will do their best to express thanks.
  In the first, she helped once, it will not help a second time.Because to help such people belong 肉包子打狗 never to return, they are for help from anyone peace of mind, but also feel the rich to help the poor to respect, out of this mentality, able to brush the goodwill value that is really very few, ginger jasmine feel that these people are so poor and so pathetic, it really is justified.
  For the second person, the value of goodwill when it is depleted, she will go to help your nose.
  Really willing to contribute money so that she is the third.
  Xiaoxiao family is this kind of.
  Ginger jasmine is also very sincere, he said: “It’s hard to elderly people, and I thank her for.”
  Jasmine Jiang Xiaoxiao hold hands through the emotional cushion this time, she has a lot of calm, but every time I see Ginger Jasmine, she always had a to be tired, she carefully studying harder than before , though she knew to conditions jasmine home, after estimated will not need her help, but she is to let yourself become a little stronger, later to do their best, when jasmine in need of help and dedication, duty-bound.
  ”Jasmine, really thank you.”
  Ginger jasmine laughing, went back to hold her hand, comfort: “We are good friends ah, now that I can be of help, it is certainly going to help, and Xiaoxiao, you are so polite, is not it did not put me Oh my friend.”
  She stayed in the ward for almost an hour, she had no shelf itself, with Xiaoxiao uncle family were soon acquainted with, so when leaving the ward, she did not forget to mention the insulation boxes to leave, although she these days privately we have on a diet, but the elderly are cherished her mind and decided to soup with vegetables to take home to the family dinner when people try.
  Ginger jasmine ready to exit parking lot while driving, accidentally discovered a car’s license plate number is very familiar.
  Which acquaintance of it, her memory Rao Hall Island is cold knelt clothes, not a moment she thought of it, this is Han Yun Yue car.
  After three digital license plate number is 121, is Han Yun Yue’s birthday, she was born January 21.
  The Han Yun Yue in the second generation of King City circle can be considered a stand out figure of twenty-six years old, has been treated as a default Han elder heir in culture, reading it is the school bully, capacity has been very strong, in twenty-four when he took over the company completed several acquisitions beautiful, his personal means and capabilities, also claim to be a Girls hero.
  Like this is destined to become a big brother little sister female, ginger jasmine at a very early age Xiangbao her thigh, and she was just six years old Han Yun Yue larger, it is no common topic, but still relying on their jasmine ginger clever cute side, where fishing in Han Yun Yue young girl had a satisfying role.
  But this is also just the age difference between the age of six, people take is to conquer the stars of the sea screenplay woman, she does, Dad is be heard from the second in command, my brother was still in junior high school, even if she wanted a strong woman after that, you have to ow天津夜网n brother, as well as poplar ginger ginger boil dead roses are likely to have little.Based on this situation is not likely to happen, she would not go to curse their brothers and sisters, so she can only get rich princess wholesale script on “their own beauty and wisdom to marry a big brother,” the production line.
  Ginger Jasmine wants to own demand a cabbage ground yellow.
  She is not to belittle their own, at least in the future with vision, with her little sister Yue Han Yun pattern is not the same, plus the age difference with different circles, her relationship with Han Yun Yue’s more like “You and I missed this, thanks to my thick-skinned “.
  Think of all sad.
  She wanted to take her circle of friends have such a pivotal Gangster friend ah.Anyway, she is admired strong, always feel such a person to get along with北京会所体验网, very sense of security.

  Author has to say: first more, thank mines pinellia untimely sauce and sauce Cen in May return it!

Chapter 135 Pa total of his sister’s nationals cartoonist road thirty-nine
  When you see the scarf off in March, and was named the next few paintings while palms are slightly Deng, they thought Linchuan community prosecution program will have a direct say Suzaku plagiarism, but did not think this one is open off in March, but also naming names, a little face did not stay to their large Ait.
  If before under the temptation of comfort and editor of Lebanon’s game, they might find a bit of luck heart, then this time, they realized that it was all over.
  Directly named, shut March simply did not give them a little face, may appear Linchuan social attitude is a direct refused them, after even worse then, it is impossible to board the “Linchuan super” magazine, of course, perhaps this is not the worst, but plagiarism this kind of thing once placed in the next plane comes, not to mention readers will be cast aside, will be rejected magazines, publishing houses.They completely finished.
  And that sentence off in March, that is a threat, but also to persuade, in these days of wind language community, they know the language community wind is what stuff, natural language community can not expect the wind to help them, I’m afraid not only to the later nothing purely monetary, but also pushed the wind language community to the top of the pot.
  If apologize, then at least still be able to blog a “mistaken attitude good,” the name of the first, Linchuan society that does not mean ruthless, standing in the wind if the bite does not recognize the language community here, then they may have to give wind funerary language community the.
  Weigh weigh their own future, a few of them privately discussed, decided to apologize.Even against the wind language community, as long as they pay up to revise the manuscript,
  Wind language community there is no way to get a contract restricting them.
  Together with interest, that will be to the benefit of bulk.They come because of the wind language community, but that is nothing more exciting benefits, and now the wind has been referred to the language community to this point, it is not necessary, and they live and die.
  Then they saw the wind within the language community responded less than two hoursProduce it广州桑拿网.
  She also wanted to tell Gu altogether tired book, so tired Gu Shen book to persuade his uncle to work with wild stop, but after today and meet Shen wild thing, she completely abandoned the idea.
  If the story than as a self-conscious thing, and now she intervention in the world it has caused dissatisfaction.
  So suddenly had the male should not have memories, is to make the world back on track, even if she wrecked this cooperation, Shen Ye’ll find that working with other people, they would not look at everyone Gu tired face on the book, do not have a death sentence placed the interests of Shen Ye, right.
  And most importantly, the world is not an unventilated wall, once tired Gu Shen Ye know interfere with his book again and again, then he will be gradually turned into hatred, jealousy Gu tired of the book, until the plot to help him reach the peak time, I’m afraid Gu tired book would be finished.
  And now, as she does not, at least not let hatred Gu tired pull the book, and this time there is no cause of death care of the household do resistance, hatred between Shen and Gu tired wild book is not so great, should not have to kill him right?So, she left both her book or tired to care, it seems a good thing.
  ”Eat apples do?Voice “Gu tired of the book block her thoughts.
  Ji Zhou Zhou looked up and saw a knife on his left hand, right hand apple a wet, dark eyes staring at her, bright red apple constantly dripping water falling form a little mark on the floor, as if the apple is bleeding.
  .I beg your little brother’s murderer conscious of it, can not always dangling in front of the victim’s?

  Lift the internal forces, flew across the small street, look for a long time, did not find Wei said the day away clean clothes.

  ”Small street, you are doing it?”Wei days away from the river, bare to the waist, while towards the small street side walked arm raised dripping with sweat towel to wipe the hair.
  This kind of action, directly pulled from Wei-day perfect upper body muscles.
  A pair of big bulging pectoral muscles, the abdominal muscles are tight but strong, strong build waist, and even raised arms with effort and with making use of his biceps are so full of tension.
  Hair dripping a drop of water slide off the collarbone Wei-day, full chest all the way down the slide down, along with the attractive abdominal waist, waist trousers at the edge, painted end.
  Wei comes out from the day of the innocent male hormone, it is more than can be described as a sexy.
  It is simply terrible ah.
  Deadly, fatal, Tian small street do not know how much to swallow saliva, and this day from Wei handsome Bathing, it gave her a fatal attack, not by the bird.
  Do not look, do not look, she wanted to look at the crime.
  ”you.Go change clothes.”Mo small street turned backwards, pressing his chest slammed a move away from the restless heart of said Wei days.
  ”Ok.”Wei from the day should be the sound muffled, mouth Raising nice arc.
  From Wei-day is no way to take a small street, he saw a small street rummaging around his clothes, subconsciously know what to do in the water a small street, a small street so since he wanted to see half-naked body, it would be great and generous Fang let her, le杭州桑拿st her weird little head does not know what to think him down.
  He openly come out to her, she was shy, she thought it would not be shy.
  Just I do not know who is so urgently want to see.
  Wei days from Huanhaoyifu, whispered voice simply said: “I changed Well, you can turn the.”
  Mo small street feel how unpromising, obviously like days off guard like the incredible, but true in ambiguous eclectic atmosphere of her first shyness.
  Can not blame her first shyness, that, she, it is also a minor, the light has a mature mind can not be with this eclectic passion between men and women, the condition does not allow her there is no way ah.
  But this day today from David Strange ah, he was not always very old-fashioned, the old men and women are different, not bad like the name of the section of the mouth, then hang it?So just苏州夜网 how generous he stand in front of her.?
  I got to know?I would not be between two people before tweaking?Or because her only day off guard as a child, what does not exist between men and women are different?
  After all, this flat short board she did not really a woman thing.
  Maybe there.
  Also feel small street off guard before these days and not days to get along is so awkward, and from day to guard her words are much more important is that close to him, he did not have to exclude ago.
  If this continues, she can first take from Wei-day talk about a love is good.
  ”I.I went to your laundry.”Embarrassed holding a small street went to the river to clean dirty clothes.
  Wei days to see a small street off really shy in front of him, the greater the curvature of the mouth of the Young.

  Popular eye pupil slightly reduced, look away from the south Fei Yu body.

  He did not know that her mental strength has reached the point where?
  The Songcheng eyes but with suspicion, just how is going on?Good strong a force.
  And so did the crowd react, a deafening sound completely suddenly hit over!
  That sounds just like there are thousands of personal voice integration in general, high sharp full of anger, it sounds especially penetrated!
  It should just be angered Li statue, now injured and can not use the mental abilities.
  Nan Yu Fei suddenly remembered something, there also seems to be the story mentioned such a thing.
  Roach followed Aeolus mission to the city of Linhai, a small village in the middle of the camp, but also where she met a monster.
  That monster is actually a variation of the pitcher, but it eats up the whole village there are people passing through, they did get their abilities, so only so much.
  Roach also controlled the beginning, and later she was leaning against the power of jade to wake up and join forces and popular Songcheng, the variation pitcher kill, remove its nucleus.
  Fengyun nuclei, but also to help her awakening powe南宁桑拿rful replication abilities.
  She can copy any non-living things, a later stage, she can even copy other people’s abilities.
  Was thinking of South Congcong Wang Fei Yu saw Roach drove up here.
  Songcheng let the whole team vice captain that he decided to take up three team captain view the situation.
  ”That stuff is very strong, as well as mind control ability, we went to see, the situation is not immediately withdraw the team.”Songcheng said..
  This time they went to the main city of woodlands, not at this half way to break up.
  ”I am going too.”
  ”I am going too.”

  ”.To be too much trouble?”

  ”That is not!”The examiner looked at her sternly,” you say to the people to take medicine give people take medicine ah, you do have to pay taxes!Or how we ask you to report annually the number of private ceremonies and pay taxes?You are not in class did not listen?”
  ”I heard, just did not react.”Xiao Shu quickly waved, Stern answered, no one knows her heart suffered a huge blow.
  Clearly not the case before.In their self-cultivation sector, as long as the immortality, spells, what do the instruments used, will be able to set up a stall selling direct, and heaven is the cost to the booths, so how taxes are not taxes, they have never been to the tube documents ah!She would like to say is unreasonable, can just be instilled into the minds of the regulations remembers.
  Too, Fearless had to research, not to mention sell drugs, sell it breaks?She’ll have to think about how you want to do next.
  Pro to go out, Xiao Shu suddenly saw the vice president saw that day, the other is next door to the classroom examiner, she quickly past, just to ask a question in her mind: “The vice president is not easy to know?I want you to find out things!”
  ”Ah, you say.”Metaphysics Association is not so much class distinction, vice president easygoing.
  ”That day, I reported how people are reported?”Xiao Shu just thought to understand it,” since they know metaphysics Association, why not just looking for people to do metaphysics Association?”Also he found her body, pull out the back of this so much.
  ”Oh, you say this ah!”Vice president casually replied,” a hit 12,315, say you are induced consumption, was not clear so expensive, the other is to play 110, to stand the matter, you suspect fraud, deception, although we metaphysics Association online can be found to be still a lot of people do not trust, but it does not matter that we have in this country to buy television advertising, over time it aired, this problem does not occur when the.”
  Metaphysical Society in the past have no sense of advertising, but also Pei Naochun, he realized where the problem is, they submit an application on behalf of the Association to buy a high-priced ads, almost emptied Association of family property, but this, all very happy, after all, no one do not understand the ro南宁夜网le of advertising.
  ”Ok.”Listen Xiao Shu feel familiar, she walked out the side while pulling out the phone search, a few days before, she does not think this is a play phone call, send a message, and former Qianlichuanyin no difference can be made to today , she merely felt – really fragrant, good to use the phone, she was vice president of two phone just mentioned are into the search box, speed quickly, look to see the results.
  One is consumer protection hotline is a phone alarm.
  This is equivalent to what it?
  Xiao Shu quickly find the exact example of which is equivalent in the comprehension, the monks made a mistake, mortal reported to the mortal world countries bureaucratic requirements that severely dealt with, if ever hear such a thing, and she would laugh out, fans sound, that is simply read a comedy, but now she merely felt untold.
  The say?This metaphysical community seems broken, and she did not think the same!

Chapter 109 and the cowardly Fearless DadDad (13)?(Finish)

  Nan Fei Yu nod, he reached for her dress pulled down.

  But Yu would like to quickly stopped him, black eyes shot a coldness, “What do you want to do?”
  Jade Fashion light laugh loudly, hand back, looked at the south Fei Yu asked the sentence, “You can have a behind Phoenix imprint?”
  ”Maybe not.”
  Nan Yu Fei is almost Insider, but the vast majority is meaningless answer.
  After the three men did not ask, and perhaps agree that she is a harmless.
  However, some downright Jade Fashion.
  [Ninety-nine, Lili transformation of this body to perfection how long?South Fei Yu heart] asked the sentence.
  She did not care about the first t广州桑拿wo off his body and face problems, but now, it seems more convenient to use some sex.
  [Original owner base is very good, not a month on it.Zero ninety-nine continued], [Fei Fei, your credit rating to a level 3, glamorous aura has played a role.]
  Nan Fei Yu Yiliaoyisheng, looked at the virtual panel, and she saw the next level there is a golden aura, but marked 20%.
  Nan Fei Yu so lived down, a wall separates the low couch and bed.
  Three identity is not low now crowded big man in a bed, but also wronged them, but south Yu Fei looked but feel happy.
  Fortunately, she had told the people good eating and drinking in honor of the three, otherwise it still could not get food.
  West wing is only a tub, although the three men despise each other, but still can only share, and now more than a South Yu Fei.
  Jade Allure first collapse, he pampered this is now not only keep a man a bed, but also with a tub with the same woman.
  He Shuaixiu left the west wing, Yu would like the tub full of white snow, and then the internal organs into hot water, so that the South Fei Yu bath.

  Fei Yu Nan as the arms of a pillow bag, clutch the tightly, fighting for the first time in her life, even the people reached the hospital.

  [Fei Fei, you do not see your force value after lighting martial arts skills.]
  Fei Yu Nan did not hear right when.
  Police car paused in the middle, a man got on, sat in the co-pilot.
  Two policemen were in the car shouted at him “boss.”
  ”what happened?”A Man Called partial first boss came back, asked the sentence.
  The li杭州夜网论坛ght is dim, South Fei Yu only to see his shot from the side of the outline, like a knife through the same Fu Xiao, deep cold, that I do not know why some hoarse voice, sounds very sexy.
  Policewoman next to the south to see Yu Fei, explain a bit, “said the brawl was reported, there are four men sent to hospital, this minor injuries, first to ask back for questioning.”
  At this time, the South Yu Fei, dressed in long hair messy, his face obscured by a thick layer of makeup her original appearance, wearing low-cut little sling and Qi hip hot pants, looked at is the appearance of small Tai Mei.
  The man heard this, they look to the south Yu Fei.
  Fei Yu Nan went over and leaned slightly, and his eyes on his face also saw a clear, well, the best man.
  She crooked head tilt, has a vibrant part of this age, “policeman, although I 杭州桑拿洗浴have played them, but I was self-defense.”
  She sounds very clear, I do not see eye-type eyes is shining.
  ”Yo, you kinda proud?”Policewoman she will press back seat.
  ”I talk to the policeman, what you plug mouth?”Nan Yu Fei croon a cry, I feel somewhat playfully.
  Policewoman amused, “Boss was twenty-eight this year, you call him uncle, was accidentally hit oh.”
  Nan Fei Yu listening, and went to scrape together, because the action too fast, pull down some small straps neckline, revealing a small ditch, the “policeman, I was seventeen, you’re going to make friends with me?”
  If such a person can have a backing, she was the female rogue is not able to go sideways?

  The man suddenly stood next to the bright, ginger Rou see over here, excited and embarrassed wav广州桑拿网ed: “Ginger little beauty.”

  Jiang Rou scared the next, and hugged kitten, round eyes.
  Grip the grass, where they come from this man?It is brain residual powder?
  That kitten is afraid of strangers, and ginger Rou as shocked, his mouth cat mouth dried fish, ginger Rou mouth is also a biting mouth.
  One person, one cat, dried fish mouth opt drop!
  Rou ginger rub to stand up and go out into the Batui Hadano that ran: “big brother, big brother!”
  But she sprained ankle not good, did not run a two-step shake people will fall.
  ”Little beauty, carefully!”
  As early as when the man is out of the lift, Hatano just go to the side, eyes look Jiang Rou to fall, quickly rushed to a stride, the man caught.
  Rou Jiang is afraid of brain residual powder, grabbed her arm go out into the wild Qin moved behind him, a lingering fear of asking: “Where’s the man Nana?”
  Hadano a virtual helped her: “Nothing, Qing Feng with people, and said ten people a day have been clear pond to see you.”
  Jiang Rou spent spent, his mind turned twice come to understand.
  What live, do not say hello to play with her.
  Her first reaction was to just recall the words and deeds again, it seems to be not particularly embarrassing, and people should not set collapse.
  Clear, and she does not worry about.
  Rockery cave a few people come out one after another, he stuck his head out from behind Rou Jiang Qin Ye, raised a shy smile, waving hello: “You okay.”
  ”Good, good ginger little beauty.”
  Ten successive respond to her, turned around and there over his heart, not bear.

  But interest rates at home and gallant primary home is not the same, can with impunity to get hold of the mysterious half-day class artist name of the first, but the family income, but it is not good to go compete for these.

  After all, the Americans headed mistress and was the first name of the first in that, is Kiyotaka’s powerful family, bones conceited and proud, where would care about those things.
  Gong Qing almost chew gum: “Enough, Shangguan Bo Shun find people, how can it not enough?”
  The right-hand half of mysterious Bodhi beads handed left hand turning, jaw Yang on the field Rou Jiang said: “not only to fight Yan, then fight a stick of incense is limited.”
  Jiang Rou made an effort, she does not see interest rates nine Yan, he turned to face Muqing Yao, hand virtual Cited: “Mu beauty, please.”
  Muqing Yao is riding a tiger, her eyes with a deep and Gong looked clear, but there is no clear expression Gong.
  Muqing Yao bite, this one can not know the aftermath, she then and smiled: “Well, ginger little beauty mercy.”
  ”I will not be lenient!”Jiang Rou resounding said Ruannuo little face tightened, very seriously,” If I have mercy, that is the biggest insult you!”
  The statement is, almost did not choke vomit blood Muqing Yao.
  She sounded little finger, barely grazing the ear coming down fine hair: “I want to discuss a few of my artist.”
  Rou Jiang nodded casually how she negotiated.
  Jin Ming Yu’s Remarks on the field, once proudly own the home next genius, now looks a little more tightly over the Yu Shen, when a pair of eyes looking at Muqing Yao, and then not the original fanatical love, but a as people like deep beneath the abyss of stagnant water surging terrified.
  Muqing Yao near, shimmering eye color: “Kim Yu, I can not fail here, you understand me?”
  Jin Ming Yu nodded blankly, her utilitarian heart, he naturally understand better than anyone else.
  Muqing Yao came forward half a step, as if the sound, graceful pathos, said: “Kim Yu, then you help me, OK?I can not lose ginger Rou, you do not want to lose Hatano right?I used to be more than there is something wrong, that is no way I ah, I’m a depend on others orphan, do not work hard to find a backer, I’m alone, this face, sooner or later a calamity.”
  Heard these words, Kim Yu Ming cents pen clenched his hands: “there is no patron Jiang Rou.”
  ”That’s not the same!”Muqing Yao annoyance, she still patiently to persuade,” Qin wild ginger Rou able to kill, but this world no one is willing to do this for me.”
  ”I can!”Kim Yu Ming eyes burning as flames bur苏州桑拿网st a kind of spark, a single word he’s saying, ‘I have, you can die for your life.’